If you are looking for a piece that is made especially for you, you've come to the right place. 

Connecting with individuals such as yourself to create specialized one of a kind pieces of art, is a meditative, healing and empowering journey. This process is about connecting emotionally on a deeper level and bringing forth those feelings that will convey that empowerment to the final piece. It is about creating a piece and honoring what that piece represents. I should note, it is a seperate journey than a Made to Order piece. What is the difference you ask?

A Made to Order is a piece requested in a certain size or gemstone that has already been made and an item that I can replicate only. Made to order requests still require a bit more time than a traditional online order of a piece that is ready to ship. To inquire further about a made to order, please email us at or call (912) 247-0521.

What is the Custom Process with Gillian Trask? 

The quick version:

1. Fill out the Custom Questionnaire Form

2. I take the selection process very seriously, as I want the best fit for the piece created. If approved, an email with more details on the process and an invoice of $125 will be sent to your email for the Consultation Meeting. Note: While this consultation charge is non-refundable, it can then be forwarded towards the balance of your final custom piece.

3. Upon payment, we determine and book our Consultation Meeting time.

4. After meeting, I will email an estimate with our design option(s). 

5. Once design option is confirmed, timeline and expectations are communicated, and 50% deposit of piece is paid, I start the creation process of desired piece.

6. Upon completion of the piece, and remaining balance is paid, I then ship or schedule a pickup with you. 

How do we start? A more in-depth overview:

The first thing that needs to be done is to fill out the Custom Questionnaire Form. This form is the best way to determine that a Gillian Trask is the best choice for both parties involved.

Consultation Meeting

Once approved and the Consultation Meeting charge is paid, we will confirm with an email on a date that you wish for us to meet via Zoom or FaceTime for your Consultation Meeting. This is up to one hour of our time, and the non-refundable consultation charge is then applied to the final piece. 

Why Zoom or Facetime? This method allows us to connect! Oftentimes, the creation process can be truly a magical experience, and I want to be able to really tune in and feel the emotions that you wish to convey in the piece. I will ask questions and create sketches, to connote the emotions and feelings that are shared.

Note: My designs are a replication of emotion, and are best suited for those who are looking for an organic and sculptural representation of their desired piece. It is an organic process, so, I would create a sculptural representation of the idea. For more questions about the custom process, please feel free to contact me at or call (912) 247-0521.

Custom Timeline

Many people wonder, how long would it take to make a ring? A necklace? While in theory it sounds simple, the number of variables can determine the length of a Gillian Trask custom.

Shipping times, gemstone and material choice, complexity of design option, approval turnarounds and the information we share in our meeting all factor into the time of a piece, not to mention the creation process itself. After materials ordered (if needed) and creation, a custom can take anywhere from two weeks to two months, depending on these variables, and schedule availability. 

Note: Customs are non-refundable. I take customs on a first come, first serve basis. Because of the focus and emotional energy that is expressed with a custom piece, I am able to only work with one customer at a time. Multiple pieces with one customer is always welcome, within the project(s) timeframe.

If this sounds like the experience and delight of the creation that you are looking for, then filling out the Custom Questionnaire Form is a great start in finding out more.

As always, I am available for any custom questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to me at or call 912-247-0521

Custom Questionnaire Form click here.