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Gillian Trask Published in Voyage Savannah

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Gillian Trask Published in Voyage Savannah

Rising Stars: Meet Gillian Trask

by Voyage Savannah

Photo by Doug Ordway

"Today we’d like to introduce you to Gillian Trask. Them and their team share their story with us below:

Gillian gets the question of how she became a jewelry maker and designer quite a bit. Sometimes, a big event causes a person to re-evaluate their life, and for Gillian, it was no different. For her it was not only the death of her father, but also the store she managed was robbed at gunpoint while she was on bereavement leave. Thankfully, no one was physically hurt, but Gillian instantly recognized the shift of what was important- the love for family and friends and the importance of following one’s passion. And so began the birth of Gillian Trask..."

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