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New One-of-a-kind Pieces Coming Soon! Stay Tuned! New One-of-a-kind Pieces Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

The process melting of sterling silver and gold walks this beautiful line between sculpted silver and melted destruction. It is in the process of controlling the heat and walking that fine line that Gillian Trask jewelry embraces unusual forms and shapes in that are organic in look, but fiercely empowering to wear.

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    Jewelry Highlights

    • September 18, 2020 Location! Location! Location! New Shops Carry Gillian Trask!
      Location! Location! Location! New Shops Carry Gillian Trask!

      Happy September!! I can't believe that summer is coming to a close. With the closure of summer some new doors are opening for Gillian Trask. . . LITERALLY!

      We are so excited to announce THREE new locations that now carry Gillian Trask. You can visit these locations to try on the piece of your choice, and get the feel and fit of the piece that is right for you! (Masks on for safer shopping, of course!)

      Nathan's Jewelers & Repair

      5500 Abercorn Street Ext

      Unit 23A

      Savannah, GA 31405


      Kobo Gallery

      33 Barnard St

      Savannah, GA 31401


      Rachel Vogel Designs

      1213 Hwy. 80 Unit D

      Tybee Island, GA



      Can't wait to see you there! Swing by and say hi!

    • August 17, 2020 Gillian Trask Announced as Ambassador for the 2020 NYC Metal & Smith Show
      Gillian Trask Announced as Ambassador for the 2020 NYC Metal & Smith Show
      What is one of your most exciting moments in your career?

      For me, the crack of turning on my torch is something I am super grateful for and look forward to each and every morning. Getting recognized for loving what I do? What better way for validation that Gillian Trask is on the right path!

      Honestly- I tell people that ‘I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up!’ While I hope to never REALLY grow up (I mean, what is creation without child-like wonder?) achieving this Ambassadorship makes me realize that maybe, just maybe, I’m able to give others the feeling of empowerment through my creations.

      Want to know something else? Without @halsteadbead, @flourish_thrive @dougordway, @visualsage, Lauren Reynolds, @way2gowendy, @scadjewelrydept, @kristenbairdjewelry, @maya.ashes, @satanickate, @mothtoaflamejewelry, @christophercarpentino, @frogprincepaperie, @nathanscojewelers and of course, @coe_hhi, and all of my friends and family who have supported me though this crazy dream of Gillian Trask, I would never have been able to sit outside on this gorgeous Saturday and write this gratitude. Thank you, @metalandsmith. I’m beyond honored.

      Check out some of the pieces chosen for the show here!

    • August 17, 2020 You Do WHAT With The Older Pieces?
      You Do WHAT With The Older Pieces?

      We believe in sustainability, recycling and making sure this beautiful Mother Earth is around for our children's children's children and their great-great grandchildren too.

      But sometimes it’s time to set an a piece on fire, and breathe fresh life into the metal. Not before we thank it for the beauty it bestowed upon us and make the bracelet into what it might need to be: a pair of earrings or a sweet little pendant. Trust me, the sterling or gold isn't harmed! I'm allowing it to morph - like a butterfly - into something beautiful!


      We believe that our pieces may have multiple lives, and sometimes not always in the form that the piece originated from. So, I wanted to share what happens to a Gillian Trask piece, if it isn't adopted. 

      We melt it, we reshape it and we bid it adieu in the life form it is now, and look forward to the new piece it will become. It had a beautiful life, and now it is time for the caterpillar to become a butterfly. We rarely go on sale, so if you are able to find an older piece up for adoption, grab it now! It won't stay in that form forever, unless YOU choose it to.

      Find your new piece here!

    • July 03, 2020 Our First Savannah Artists Hour!
      Our First Savannah Artists Hour!

      What a great way for us to continue our art shows, and expand our outreach with our friends! I hosted our very first Savannah Artist Hour with my guest and talented friend, Marta McWhorter.