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The process melting of sterling silver and gold walks this beautiful line between sculpted silver and melted destruction. It is in the process of controlling the heat and walking that fine line that Gillian Trask jewelry embraces unusual forms and shapes in that are organic in look, but fiercely empowering to wear.

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    It's time for some rhythm and hues

    Explore more color

    Empowerment and Gemstones

    Blending power, organic ruggedness and femininity. All in one piece.

    Try Feminine Power On for Size

    Warm Melted Delicious

    Simply Yummy Honey

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    Born of Fire

    Born of Fire

    & Polished with Love

    Jewelry Highlights

    • December 15, 2020 We Made Do Savannah Gift Guide!
    • November 17, 2020 Gillian Trask Focuses on Giving Back This Holiday Season
      Gillian Trask Focuses on Giving Back This Holiday Season

      I know we talk a lot about our giving back to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for foster children), and now the kids need our help more than ever. Due to events being cancelled because of the pandemic, CASA is lifted from the community's help, but they need much, much more.

      We decided to play our part. Kobo Gallery presents an annual Holiday ornament drive for a charity of their choice. Kobo has chosen CASA as their focus, which we are super excited for! So, in liu of Kobo Gallery, we chose to create our own Holiday ornaments which will also be sold at the Gallery in honor of CASA. 

      A portion of the proceeds will go to CASA, and help those volunteers who directly support the foster children of Savannah. You can help us support CASA though your Holiday Ornament purchase here.

    • November 10, 2020 Presenting with Future Entrepreneurs
      Presenting with Future Entrepreneurs

      Towards the end of October, I had the honor to be able to present how I got started as an entrepreneur to Coach Lenny William's 8th grade Future Entrepreneur class. A lot of students were surprised when I told them how I got started! 

      My love for making jewelry actually started in a sculpture class at James Madison University. I  was taught how to lay a bead and join two pieces of steel to make a weld. Not long after that- I was handed a plasma cutter and thought- Whoa. This is powerful. My Sculpture teacher encouraged me to take a jewelry making class after he saw how comfortable I was with fire. So I took a jewelry class and loved it so much that I ended up minoring in Jewelry.

      But I also always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even as a child, I captured earthworms and sold them to the local general store near one of my childhood homes in Connecticut. The store sold my earthworms to the local fishermen for bait. But since I also enjoyed drawing and photography so much I thought the best choice of path was graphic design. I mean, that’s where the money was wasn’t it? I didn’t want to be a starving artist. My father was a successful business owner, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps with my own business. At the time I thought Graphic Design would feed all of those passions and monetary requirements, and allow me to be my own boss. Well, two degrees later and trying to make it as a designer after 9/11, I quickly realized it just wasn’t for me. 

       To supplement my income while I freelanced, I worked my way up the corporate ladder in retail luxury jewelry sales. I eventually was given my own store and I loved everything about running a multi-million dollar business. But I knew that I needed to do something that allowed me to create. While I was already creating relationships with my customers, I wasn’t creating the designs of what I sold. Selling without purpose just wasn’t enough.

      So I wanted to go back to what I was really meant to do: create and make with my hands. What if I created my own jewelry line?

      We dove into a bit more about my development of process, and ultimately what drove me to create. Stay tuned for the next bit on 'My Story: Part 2'. 

    • October 21, 2020 In Case You Missed It!
      In Case You Missed It!
      What an amazing show! So many pieces are now adopted into their new homes! Such a great night. Feel free to check out the recorded show through the link!