Rising Stars: Meet Gillian Trask - An Interview by Voyage Savannah

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Gillian Trask Headshot March 2024

Hi Gillian, can you start by introducing yourself? We’d love to learn more about how you got to where you are today.

I play with fire and sculpt sterling silver and gold by hand. I play by pushing the boundaries of what metal can do. Every piece is sculpted by hand. These pieces are born, melted, and molten and infused with my emotions’ energy.

I created Gillian Trask the night I melted my thesis piece. It was due the following day. I had put maybe 40 hours into this piece and was so proud. It was very technical. Sadly, at three AM that night, I melted the whole piece.

I quickly realized that tears and fire don’t mix, so to re-alchemize my emotions (my meltdown), I shoved it aside and started melting any silver I could find. I created the Life in Circle Ring that very night. It was the origin story of the beginning of Gillian Trask Jewelry and the beginning of fusing empowerment into every piece.

It seems to be something people can relate to because I’m proud to say that this past April, we opened up our very own brick-and-mortar store at 248 Bull Street, Downtown Savannah.

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