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New Cocktail Rings to 'Ring in' the New Year - Coming Soon! New Cocktail Rings to 'Ring in' the New Year - Coming Soon!
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The Large Holiday Ornaments are beautiful in the photos, but nothing compares to seeing it in person!! So spectacular.


I received my necklace in such a beautiful presentation, and have received so many compliments on the piece. Gill has an amazing gift and does beautiful work!



So a few weeks ago, Kathleen and I were enjoying some after dinner/Cinco de Mayo margaritas when I saw my amazingly talented friend Gillian was hosting a jewelry show. She makes all of her own jewelry by hand and I wanted to check out some of her work. She does amazing work and she’s a lot of fun to watch. Lo and behold, I was even lucky enough to get chosen to receive a prize - one of her Iso Stackable Rings. She asked for my ring size but, let’s be honest, it’ll look a lot better on Kathleen’s finger than mine. And it does. It’s beautiful. She hasn’t taken it off since it arrived. I never buy jewelry for Kathleen because she’s so picky but she instantly fell in love with this. Thanks Gillian Trask Jewelry! 

Carol Anne:

Gillian is extremely talented and amazing to work with! All of her pieces are gorgeous and original. You won’t find anything that even comes close. She designed a piece for me and we call it my “Power Cuff.”

You will love all of her pieces but if you commission her to create a piece just for you, she takes time to get to know you, your personality and it’s important to her that it embodies exactly what you want. Not just another piece of jewelry, it’s you! Thank you Gillian! I will treasure it forever!


My mother loved opals. When she passed, we found some loose opals that she has not set yet. I had been eyeing some Gillian Trask pieces and decided to reach out to see if she could do some custom pieces. She did not disappoint. The pieces were for me, my sister, my niece, and eventually my two girls. So we needed a design that was simple, unique and honored my mom. Gillian asked so many questions about my mom, she really wanted to get a feel for the woman behind the stones. And I am so very excited about the results. My sister and 18 year old niece cried, and I wear my pieces all the time!


I absolutely love my ISO earrings! They bring out the natural beauty of my hair as well as the shape of my face! These earrings have mostly empowered me to exhibit my true self and most importantly love who I am no matter what anyone else says. I Am Empowered!!!! 


A few months ago I reached out to a Gillian on an idea of creating a custom wedding set for me. She really takes the time to know you, ask questions about what you want the piece to mean, and puts their heart into every piece.

I wanted something notraditonal, something to show even in darkness there is good. To love and be unique. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole process and final results. This is truly a piece I will cherish forever!


I love my Iso Stackable piece. Simple but unique and different. I love Gillian’s energy! You can tell she’s a beautiful soul! So glad I stopped by her booth. Will definitely be purchasing more.


Beautifully made, handcrafted jewelry. Wonderful designer and owner. Highly recommend her.


I met Gillian at the Southern Womens Show in Savanah, GA (March 2020). Her work intrigued me because I’ve been looking for someone who can custom make a special type of earrings (a bar type that hold on the the lobe instead of hanging down). The pair I wear almost constantly (even during sleep) I bought about two decades ago and hadn't been able to find anything like them since. When I showed her the earrings I was wearing, she was intrigued as well. After a short conversation and taking photos for reference, she decided to take on the challenge. I had to leave GA so we decided to keep in touch and correspond electronically. She sent me pictures, I chose the earrings I liked, paid for them, and received them soon afterwards. It has been a wonderful experience working with Gillian. She is very creative, talented, and pleasant person to work with.