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Custom Orders Will Be Available Through November 7th, and will resume January 17th. Custom Orders Will Be Available Through November 7th, and will resume January 17th.
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Returns and Exchanges

I strive to create pieces that you will treasure and treat as if you will pass it on to your children and they will pass the piece on down to their children. Maybe this piece will be dug up by archeologists thousands of years down the road and they will want to learn your story. What if you're remembered for your jewelry and are remembered in the grand halls of humanity as the human being with fantastic taste? Wouldn't that be something! But things happen. Life happens, and we understand.

We handle all of my returns and exchanges on a case to case basis.

• We ask that you contact us within five days of the arrival of your piece so that we can work out a plan.

• We will honor returns or exchanges within 30 days of the day of the original arrival of your shipment. The piece must arrive back to us in the condition with which it was sent for a return or exchange to then be processed. Typically refunds are placed within three days of the processed return.

• If you wish for an exchange, please send us an email within five days of the original shipment arrival date with your wish to exchange and the piece (or pieces) you wish to exchange.

• Custom pieces, or pieces made by request are non-refundable. (Does not include made to order).

• The original piece must arrive in its original condition prior to the exchange to take place. All pieces must be paid in full at that time for the exchanged piece to go through the shipment process. 

• Any shipping charges incurred are not refundable.

• All return or exchange pieces MUST be shipped in a box. Please get insurance as needed through your mail carrier. We cannot refund or return lost or stolen merchandise.


•••When requiring a certain size, please notate in the 'Notes' section the size you need with your order. •••

If you receive your piece and it does not fit properly, please contact us immediately upon you shipments arrival. It is your responsibility for shipping costs of the piece back for us to size. We will return the item after sizing is completed at no charge for the shipping.

Sizing requests after 30 days of purchase will incur a $35 size fee, for Sterling Silver. 18K yellow gold items size pricing will be determined upon shipment arrival of the piece.

Sizing time varies by piece. Upon the arrival of the shipment of your piece, we will have a timeline set for you. This is on a case by case basis.


I always feel that a piece that needs a repair has been well loved. It isn't always a negative to need a repair! It means that the piece will be further tailored to your needs, and how you wear the piece.

I don't recommend sleeping or swimming with the piece on- besides the safety issue, it isn't a good idea for the longevity of your piece. Chemicals in pools can harm and break down sterling silver and gold.

We hope we are your first choice to fix or correct any wearability issues with your piece. If you choose to use another jeweler, be warned that they may not understand my process as it is not common. To my knowledge, I am the only one who does what I do! If you decide to go to another jeweler, we cannot promise the work that they do will be effective. If you choose to send your piece back to us, we will do everything in my power to bring your piece back to it's original sparkly, happy life.

Please kindly remember that we are human, and this creation process is extremely organic. No two pieces are the same, and your piece may change slightly in appearance from any repairs performed.

• Pieces older than 30 days from purchase will require a repair charge. This covers material, time and ensuring that your piece is placed in what we call my Priority Piece Cup. You are front and center, and honor us with your trust in caring for your piece.

• Each repair charge is subjective to the work required. Honesty allows us a peaceful sleep at night, so the pricing is based off of the needs of the piece and the time it will take to complete the repair.

• All repair payments are to be paid prior to the repair completed. If, on the unexpected and rare instance that a repair cannot fix the piece, and the piece is deemed unrepairable, the repair money will be refunded. At that point a trade up option is a possibility. 

• The only time a trade up is a possibility is if the original piece is defective or damaged beyond repair. In this case, the original piece is traded in along with the purchase of a new piece at a discounted price. The discounted price is determined upon the price of the piece, the material and the design time spent on the new piece chosen as the trade replacement.

Of course, we ask that all of this start with a conversation. We want the best for you and your piece. You're to be remembered as the human being with fabulous taste, and we'll do everything in my power to make that happen.


We only use your information for order fulfillment, and a means by which to contact you. Your approval is required for us to send our newsletter, or mailers. All other uses of your information are for order and shipping purposes, not for solicitation. 

If, you choose to become a member, you are then asking us to send you updates on new and exciting pieces that we wish to share with you. Become a Gillian Trask VIP member and not only you'll always be in the loop, you'll receive promotional perks too!