Shop Policies

Returns and Exchanges


In-person shows: 

• We do not accept returns at our in-person shows, however, we will accept an exchange of the unworn item at equal or greater value of the purchase price within 5 business days of purchase. 


 Returns / Exchange Instore and Online:


• We do not accept returns. We offer store credit or exchange for equal or greater value. We ask that you contact us within 5 days of arrival of your Gillian Trask piece with your exchange request.

• We honor exchanges within 10 days of the day of the original arrival of your shipment. The piece must arrive back to us in its original condition for an exchange to be processed. 

• Any shipping charges incurred are not refundable.

• Custom pieces, including pieces made by request are non-refundable and non-returnable. (Does not include made to order of current listed products).

• All exchange pieces MUST be shipped in a box- NO ENVELOPES OF ANY KIND. This is to reduce the potential of theft. Please get insurance as needed through your mail carrier. We cannot refund or exchange lost or stolen merchandise.



Should you take your piece to another jeweler, all warranties become null and void.

•••When requiring a certain size, please notate in the 'Notes' section the size you need with your order. •••

If you receive your piece and it does not fit properly, please contact us immediately upon you shipment arrival.

The piece MUST be sent back to us in a box (no envelope of any kind), with appropriate insurance. Shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the customer. We are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments.

Sizing requests after 30 days of purchase will incur a $75 base size fee, $10 for each additional size over two sizes, for sterling silver. With 18K yellow gold items, pricing will be determined upon based on size requirements. 

Sizing beads (to prevent turning on top-heavy rings) are $35 plus the sizing charge.

Upon the arrival of the shipment of your piece, an invoice for the sizing will be emailed to the customer.

Sizing will start upon receipt of payment. Sizing time varies by piece, which will be discussed with the customer.

We will ship the item after sizing is completed.


Should you take your GT piece to another jeweler to work on your piece, all warranties become null and void.

We warranty our work for two years. This covers functional or wearability defects that may occur with the piece. This does not cover cosmetic wear and tear, or intentional damage to the piece. 

Bangles and cuffs: Please make sure not to squeeze your bracelet more than the original sizing. Continued squeezing can work-harden the piece and cause cracking. Warranty covers bracelets that have standard wear and tear, however, a work-hardened piece shows signs of stress that cannot be repaired. Should your bracelet split in half, a replacement fee may be required, as (if possible) a new bracelet would be created. This will be determined per situation.

Should the gemstone chip or fall out for any unforeseen reason, we will happily replace the gemstone at our cost of the new gemstone. If the repair is under two years, we cover the cost of the repair (*unless deemed unrepairable.) Should the item be deemed damaged beyond repair, an exchange of the piece of equal or greater amount can occur. Please keep in mind that each piece is one of a kind, therefore not all gemstones can be replaced with the same gemstone. Of course, we will do our utmost to locate the closest gemstone available, if possible.

Gold Vermeil is warrantied up to six months from date of purchase. Gold Vermeil stripping from exposure to pools, ocean or cleaning products is not covered under warranty. We will happily re-plate your piece with gold within that six months, should the piece need it from standard wear and tear. Shipping charges will apply. Prices for replating for gold vermeil are available by request.


Should you take your piece to another jeweler, all warranties become null and void.

Please kindly remember that we are human, and this creation process is extremely organic. No two pieces are the same, and your piece may change slightly in appearance from any repairs performed.

• Each repair charge is subjective to the work required. The pricing is based off of the needs of the piece and the time it will take to complete the repair.

• All repair payments are to be paid prior to the repair completed. If, on the unexpected and rare instance that a repair cannot fix the piece, and the piece is deemed unrepairable, the repair money will be refunded. At that point a trade up option is a possibility. 

• The only time a trade up is a possibility is if the original piece is defective or damaged beyond repair. In this case, the original piece is traded in along with the purchase of a new piece, at an equal or higher price than the original piece. 

Of course, we ask that all of this start with a conversation. We want the best for you and your piece. 

Loss or Theft

We are not liable for any loss of theft of your piece. 

• Earring Loss: Our earrings are created in 'batches'. Each batch is slightly different than the next, therefore, we can not make singular items out of a pair. 

• Once an item is sold out, it may no longer be in production or available.

• Silicone earring backs are not provided. However, they are available to purchase upon request.

• Shipping Loss: Should customer use USPS or other carriers, it is the customers responsibility to follow up with the carrier chosen. We insure all of our outgoing shipments through USPS. We will redirect you to USPS should shipping loss or theft occur. See Returns and Exchanges.


We use your information for order fulfillment, warranties, in-house analytics and a means by which to contact you. Your approval is required for us to send our newsletter, or mailers. All other uses of your information are not for solicitation. 

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