You Do WHAT With The Older Pieces?

Posted by Gillian Karatassos on

We believe in sustainability, recycling and making sure this beautiful Mother Earth is around for our children's children's children and their great-great grandchildren too.

But sometimes it’s time to set an a piece on fire, and breathe fresh life into the metal. Not before we thank it for the beauty it bestowed upon us and make the bracelet into what it might need to be: a pair of earrings or a sweet little pendant. Trust me, the sterling or gold isn't harmed! I'm allowing it to morph - like a butterfly - into something beautiful!


We believe that our pieces may have multiple lives, and sometimes not always in the form that the piece originated from. So, I wanted to share what happens to a Gillian Trask piece, if it isn't adopted. 

We melt it, we reshape it and we bid it adieu in the life form it is now, and look forward to the new piece it will become. It had a beautiful life, and now it is time for the caterpillar to become a butterfly. We rarely go on sale, so if you are able to find an older piece up for adoption, grab it now! It won't stay in that form forever, unless YOU choose it to.

Find your new piece here!

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