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Very recently, something really, truly meaningful happened. But, it didn't start out with good news. It was Lee, my cousin, calling to tell me that his wife Bevin's mother had passed. 

A month or so later, Bevin sent me a text with pictures of these gorgeous little opals. She asked me, 'My mother left them to me, and I'm thinking of giving a gift to every girl in our family. Is that something you can help me create?'

Pictured is Bevin and her two daughters, Bevin's mother, niece and sister.

Bevin explains, "My mother loved opals. When she passed, we found some loose opals that she has not set yet. I had been eyeing some Gillian Trask pieces and decided to reach out to see if she could do some custom pieces. She did not disappoint.

The pieces were for me, my sister, my niece, and eventually my two girls. So we needed a design that was simple, unique and honored my mom. Gillian asked so many questions about my mom, she really wanted to get a feel for the woman behind the stones.

And I am so very excited about the results. My sister and 18 year old niece cried, and I wear my pieces all the time!"

I was overjoyed to be able to celebrate Bevin's mother by creating some pieces for the girls in Bevin's family! Turns out, it was a gift that none of them expected, and made Christmas a happy celebration of Bevin's mom, with love.

If you find that you are thinking about custom work, I strive to honor your occasion with complete focus from a place of love in my heart. If you would like to know more about my selective and organic process for custom, please get in touch. I will be opening up my custom appointments starting the first of May.

Enjoy and shop one of a kind pieces.

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