Gillian Trask to Show Works at Milano Jewelry Week 2022

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Four Gillian Trask pieces are selected to be shown at the Milano Jewelry Week, October 2022 at the Artistar gallery show in Milan, Italy. A video of her body of work and charity work with CASA Savannah will also be shown at the Jewelry Drops Gallery show. 

Empowerment Cuff, Photo by Valentin Sivyakov


Upon being chosen, Gillian said, "This is one of the most exciting events that Gillian Trask has been invited to, and one of the most prestigious. Being invited to Milano Jewelry Week means that Gillian Trask is not only introduced to Milano, but also the world."

Anastasia Topaz Empowerment Ring, Photo by Doug Ordway. Model, Katelyn Klauda

"I honestly don't know any artists who willingly choose to melt and sculpt molten sterling and gold by hand. While reticulation of sterling is recognized as a process as is gold brazing, the melting and sculpting that I choose to do as part of my process takes sculpting to another level, and I'm proud to be able to share what I do. People look at me with surprise when I tell them about my process. I love that look! It means that they inherently recognize that there is a difficulty level associated with the process. I can most certainly say that gravity is definitely an asset to have with molten hot metal. And tweezers." Gillian said with a laugh.

Gillian Trask is a MA graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, a BFA graduate of California Institute of the Arts and a BFA graduate of James Madison University. Despite her education background, she attributes her success with Gillian Trask jewelry to her past work experiences.

"I studied graphic design at both Cal Arts and JMU, but I think 9/11 and the housing crisis both contributed to forcing my hand and experience in other professions. Especially when there was no graphic design work to be had. I've been a graphic designer, make-up artist, accessories specialist, sales account assistant alongside HSN, printer, and assistant project manager and worked my way up to General Manager with Signet's Jared the Gallery of Jewelry. All of those jobs led me to gain the valuable experience I now have in designing jewelry as Gillian Trask. I'm grateful for those experiences. I never could have imagined the direction that all of experiences have led me.

Empowerment Cuff, The Polite Version, Photo by Doug Ordway. Model, Katelyn Klauda

Gillian currently resides in historic, Savannah, GA and is an artist with Kobo Gallery, voted best gallery three times in a row by Savannah Magazine. 

Milano Jewelry Week

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