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Art, books, custom skateboards and one-of-a-kind experiences make up the 2020 Do Savannah Gift Guide

Adriana Iris Boatwright
For Do Savannah

A purchase from one of these curated vendors keeps money right here in our neighborhood and supports local small businesses that can deliver something that is utterly unique and meaningful to your loved ones.

When I am creating these gift guides, I am always thinking about what would I give to the ones I cherish in my life. For example, my husband would get a laser sketch blueprint of our home that he has spent so much time creating, or a custom skateboard for my son that would know it is a one of a kind; canvas totes with her grandchildren’s faces for my mother and jewelry for my best friend.

I hope you enjoy our 2020 all-local and last-minute gifts guide and have a wonderful holiday season.

Check out the Jewelry/Crafts section!

Gillian Trask Jewelry

33 Barnard St.; gilliantrask.com

In time to help your Christmas tree sparkle, Gillian Trask Jewelry has a number of holiday ornament items along with gifts for that special someone in your life.

A sterling silver and crystal ornament with a velvet ribbon from Gillian Trask. Price is $75.

Holiday Ornament Large: A sterling silver and crystal ornament with a velvet ribbon. It comes in blue, red and green colors. Price is $75.

Holiday Ornament Small: A sterling silver and crystal ornament with a velvet ribbon. Just like the larger version, it is available in blue, red, or green. Price is $50.

Maya Ash shows off a pair of the Gatekey Collection from Gillian Trask Jewelry.

Gatekey Collection: A pair of sterling silver earrings with a sparkle. Price varies from $110-165.


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